Serving Northeast Kansas with professional roof and exterior services - Assurance Exteriors Topeka
Serving Northeast Kansas with professional roof and exterior services - Assurance Exteriors Topeka
Total Outward Care - Total Inward Assurance
Total Outward Care - Total Inward Assurance

Your Annual Roof Inspection

Every spring, homeowners pull out their lawnmowers and gardening tools to beautify their yards for the season. While we enjoy a well-kept lawn and relaxing on the patio as much as the next person, homeowners would be wise to also consider general maintenance for their roof.


Roofs are a major investment and are responsible for protecting the home. Severe weather like high winds and hail can cause considerable damage to roofs and put the structural integrity at risk. Replacing roofs is expensive and most homeowners will only need to do that once or twice in their lifetime. The best way to protect your investment and home is to perform regular maintenance to minimize costly repairs.


Five Tips for Roof Maintenance

Q&A with Don Scott, owner of Assurance Exteriors


Do I need to have my roof inspected annually?

Annual inspections are highly recommended to extend the life of the roof.


What do I inspect and how?

  • Roofs should be free of debris. Sweep or blow off sticks, leaves and other items that may clog the gutters or start algae to grow.
  • Look for exposed nails. Replace nails if necessary or simply nail them back down.
  • Look for loose, missing, damaged or curling shingles and have those repaired.
  • Check the box vents and ridge caps to ensure nothing is blocking the heat from the attic to escape.
  • Make sure to clean gutters, as this will help with rain run off.
  • Double check the drain spouts as well to ensure they are in good repair, aligned properly to ensure good drainage away from the foundation.
  • Check for signs of fungus or algae. You can install zinc or lead control strips to help minimize damage.
  • Check metal areas for signs of rust. Just wire brush the rust, prime and paint.
  • Examine flashings to ensure the caulk is good, if not, replace the caulk.
  • Ensure there are good seals around joints and chimneys.
  • Trim trees that are close to the roof or hanging over it, this will prevent damage and keep away rodents.
  • If there is heavy snow accumulation, be sure to clear it quickly to prevent collapse.


How do I know if I should replace my roof?

Generally roofs can last up to 30 years (depending on the type of shingle installed); however, hail seems to be the primary reason for roof replacement in our area. Then there are times when homeowners change the color of the house and want to replace the roof with a change in color as well; there are so many options now. You can pick a color for the roof, different colors for the gutters and still another color for the downspouts- all minimizing strong distinctions and maximizing colors.


Why is my roof discolored?

Roofs can become discolored due to trees, excessive debris that can all cause algae to grow. If you choose to power wash your roof, have a trained professional do it.


What should I know about gutters?

Make sure the gutters are debris free, as outlined in the inspection checklist. Plus, make sure the gutter is the right size for the run off based on the pitch of the roof.


What about our windows?

Many believe windows last forever, however, over time the seals wear down and potentially the gases that are “inside” the window break down allowing more UV rays into the home. Newer windows also have higher efficiency ratings and in some cases can even provide homeowners with tax deductions.



All to often, simple maintenance of roofs is overlooked; however, general maintenance is very inexpensive compared to roof replacement. The bottom line is, it is all about budget and wants. Annual maintenance is an effective way to protect your roof and make it last longer.


Professional Inspections


You can contact Assurance Exteriors at (785) 231-8838 for a free inspection or request an estimate online. Our motto is to provide total inward care and total outward assurance; we care about our clients and the investment in their homes.

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